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Health Educator

Career description:

Health educators teach individuals and communities how to live healthier lifestyles. They instruct them on nutrition and the avoidance of unhealthy activities like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. A health educator’s goal is to provide people with tools that allow them to avoid developing life-threatening health issues.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Provide health and wellness education
  • Plan and implement programs and treatments specifically designed to address the patient’s needs
  • Evaluate, design, present, recommend, and disseminate culturally appropriate health education information and materials
  • “Perform intakes on new and re-enrolling adults in various programs
  • Facilitate classes according to the organization’s guidelines
  • Maintain patient logs of all who are scheduled for procedures
  • Consult with physicians and staff regarding related health education services
  • Present information effectively to diverse audiences

Similar occupations:

Certified Diabetes Educator, Clinical Instructor, Community Health Consultant, Education Coordinator, Health Education Coordinator, Health Education Specialist, Health Educator, Health Promotion Specialist, Public Health Educator, Public Information Officer