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Elementary School Teacher

Career description:

An elementary school teacher educates young children in basic academics such as math and reading. They also help students develop good social skills. They work with students individually or in larger classroom settings.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Create lesson plans to teach students specific subjects and skills, like English, art, science or music
  • Model good behavior and communication skills so students can learn how to communicate with and treat others
  • Grade homework and other assignments so students receive proper feedback day-by-day and on their report cards
  • Communicate with parents about their child’s progress
  • Pay attention to students who require extra help or guidance
  • Prepare students for any standardized tests required by the state
  • Supervise children in and out of the classroom, including during recess, assemblies and lunchtime
  • Participate in faculty meetings and collaborations
  • Prepare for class outside of work hours or during the summer
  • Help children who are sick or hurt
  • Stay in the know about new teaching methods, activities or technology that can be implemented in the classroom

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