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Mental Health Counselor

Career description:

A mental health counselor helps people cope with emotional, mental, and sometimes dependency disorders. Their clients might be struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, marital and family problems, difficulties caused by aging, or they could be dealing with stress and anxiety.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Provide various outpatient mental health services with the goal of patient recovery
  • Conduct intakes and monitor individual, group, and family therapies
  • Develop service plans and conduct reviews as needed throughout the duration of treatment
  • Provide mental health assessments, counseling, referrals, and intervention services
  • Complete and maintain documentation according to federal and state guidelines

Similar occupations:

Behavior Analyst, Behavior Support Specialist (BSS), Case Manager, Clinician, Correctional Counselor, Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health Specialist, Mental Health Therapist, Therapist