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Live-in Nanny

Career description:

A live-in nanny is an experienced, early childhood professional who resides within your home. They can alleviate a lot of pressure in busy households by providing families with a much-needed extra pair of hands and a live-in nanny ensures flexibility when it comes to organising care for your children – they are able to work the hours that fit in with your family schedule, and are often able to take on additional evening and weekend babysitting too.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Feeding, bathing, changing and dressing
  • Providing socio-emotional support and learning
  • Implementing engaging, developmentally appropriate learning experiences for your children
  • School/kinder drop offs and pick ups
  • Transporting children to music lessons, sports practice, play-dates and other organised activities
  • Helping out with your family’s evening routine – dinner, baths and putting the children to bed
  • Providing overnight supervision if parents are working night shift or are away from home overnight for any reason

Similar occupations:

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