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Broadcast Technician

Career description:

Broadcast technicians, who are also called broadcast engineers, use specialized equipment to regulate the strength and clarity of the images and sounds we see on television and the sounds we hear on the radio. They operate transmitters to broadcast radio and television programs from studios and remote locations.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Install and operate all equipment, such as audio mixing consoles, media control systems, oscilloscopes, frequency analyzers, and satellite receivers, used to broadcast radio and television programs
  • Maintain equipment to ensure that it functions properly
  • Quickly and effectively troubleshoot problems with transmissions
  • Conduct functional and operational testing procedures to ensure quality performance of broadcast products including radio and television programs
  • Work with engineers to test and integrate new systems.
  • Use computer software to edit audio and video recordings
  • Comply with FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations and state, federal, and local laws

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