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Strategic Planner

Career description:

Strategic planners participate in the planning of business strategy for medium- and large-sized corporations. Strategic planners must be familiar with all aspects of their employer’s business, as part of their responsibility is presenting strategic recommendations to senior decision makers. Most medium-sized businesses and large corporations employ strategic planners, so it is possible to find employment within virtually every industry. Regardless of industry, strategic planners have to be experts in their industry in order to make strategic recommendations. Strategic planners work in a traditional office environment and usually wear business professional attire. They work regular office hours but may have to work late into the evening during their industry’s busy season.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Understand and shape the company’s strategy and mission
  • Develop plans to materialize strategy and analyze business proposals
  • Research competition to identify threats and opportunities
  • Assess the company’s operational and strategic performance
  • Align processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy
  • Provide support and insight into significant organizational changes (e.g. shift in strategic focus, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Educate senior executives in making effective decisions
  • Construct forecasts and analytical models
  • Monitor and analyze industry trends and market changes

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