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Operations Research Analyst

Career description:

An operations research analyst uses mathematical expertise and analytical methods to help businesses and organizations solve problems and make decisions. They work on teams of people with knowledge in different disciplines to solve complex problems. Operations research analysts advise managers on how to allocate resources, schedule production, and set prices.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Provide research on specific topic areas to support project teams’ work
  • Define business problems within an organization and use statistical analysis, simulations, predictive modeling, or other methods to analyze it and develop practical solutions
  • Gather information from members of the organization, including workers and management, who can contribute information about problems and possible solutions
  • Research to come up with possible solutions
  • Recommend strategies to management and other decision-makers
  • Track and analyze key metrics and report on them
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of decisions
  • Assist in planning projects including scheduling and budgets
  • Write reports and memos to explain findings and make recommendations

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