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Internal Auditor

Career description:

An internal auditor is a company employee who independently and objectively evaluates the organization’s operations. The role of an internal auditor is to gather relevant and objective information about the organization. An internal auditor essentially serves as the eyes and ears of the company’s senior leadership and board of directors. Their assigned work may cover any area of an organization; however, their work should be directed by the audit committee. Internal audits have historically been aligned with accounting and financial reporting audits. However, there are other types of audits.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Objectively assess a company’s IT and/or business processes
  • Assess the company’s risks and the efficacy of its risk management efforts
  • Ensure that the organization is complying with relevant laws and statutes
  • Evaluate internal control and make recommendations on how to improve
  • Identifying shortfalls or gaps in processes
  • Promote ethics and help identify improper conduct
  • Assure safeguards
  • Investigate fraud
  • Communicate the findings and recommendations

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