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HR Assistant

Career description:

A human resources assistant (HR assistant) supports a company’s or organization’s human resources specialist or specialists. They tend to clerical tasks such as writing correspondence, answering telephone calls and scheduling appointments. HR assistants may also help with the recruiting process. This could including posting job announcements, pre-screening applicants, administering assessments to candidates and informing people of their acceptance or rejection for the job for which they applied.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Work closely with the HR Manager to provide support as needed on highly confidential human resource matters and special projects
  • Interact with benefits providers regarding enrollments and changes in status, track employee enrollment timing, monitor benefit billing, etc
  • Respond to employee policy inquiries
  • Assemble, distribute and track candidate offer packets and required actions
  • Maintain all electronic personnel/benefits files
  • Work with new hires to collect necessary paperwork
  • Explain medical, dental, life insurance, disability, 401(k), etc. benefits to employees
  • Participate in all corporate led training initiatives
  • Assist HR specialist with the processing of terminations

Similar occupations:

Human Resources Administrative Assistant (HR Administrative Assistant), Human Resources Assistant (HR Assistant), Human Resources Associate (HR Associate), Personnel Clerk