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Economic Consultant

Career description:

An economic consultant is responsible for analyzing data statistics and market conditions that affect the performance of the production and manufacturing processes of an organization. Economic consultants develop business plans to address economic difficulties based on the research and data methodologies. They write reports for the management’s reference and discuss sales forecasts, as well as the availability of resources depending on the market changes. 

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Provide SharePoint development and administration, budget and financial reporting; manage invoicing; and develop training manuals and user guides
  • Generate and analyze data sets using SAS
  • Modify legacy SAS code to run more reliably and efficiently
  • Educate professionals on the CPT coding system and the circumstances under which private insurers and Medicaid would accept claims
  • Maintain and handle the delivery of key findings base on clinical results and financial risk to improve customer ROI
  • Determine Medicaid eligibility for foster and adoption assistance population
  • Reconstitute configuration management for the suspended project with CVS on Linux
  • Deliver solutions base on analytics and emerging trends to drive brand category growth and promote cross-category conversion
  • Develop and maintain accurate network documentation and Visio diagrams to provide clientele with proper understanding of organizational needs
  • Demonstrate management and financial strengths in internal controls, divestitures, strategic planning, ERP implementation, modeling and process re-engineering

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