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Customs and Border Protection Helicopter Pilot

Career description:

Customs and border protection officers work primarily to enforce immigration and customs laws. They also enforce agricultural laws as they pertain to the importation and exportation of goods by individuals. This is a skilled position that requires candidates to have a passion for the law, a sharp attention to detail, and the ability to read people. Having a strong mental fortitude is essential to this role. Customs and border protection officers may work domestically at a United States port of entry or internationally at a preclearance duty station. Since people are always traveling in and out of the United States, customs and border protection officers may need to be available to work at all hours of the day, every day of the week.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Inspect cargo, people, and luggage that are coming into the United States for illegal contraband like drugs or invasive animals and plants
  • Use specialized machines and by performing randomized checks
  • Detain and interview persons with illegal contraband appropriately
  • Make regular reports to their commanding officers and other supervisors
  • Detailing any contraband they have found or people they have detained
  • Work with dogs to perform searches of people and luggage entering the United States
  • Deal with situations like an active shooter or natural disaster

Similar occupations:

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