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Courtroom Deputy Clerks

Career description:

Deputy court clerks work under the supervision of court clerks to perform various clerical activities that relate to the preparation and processing of cases in city, county, state, and federal court systems. The job frequently involves client-facing activities as well, such as explaining court procedures to members of the general public and working directly with judicial officers, attorneys, and staff as needed.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Assist and respond to phone and face-to-face inquiries from attorneys, judicial and law enforcement officers, and the general public
  • Prepare, review, and process legal documents, correspondence, motions, and orders
  • Administer oaths to witnesses
  • Complete court-related forms such as petitions and warrants
  • Document name changes, licenses, adoption records, and more
  • Collect fines, fees, and bond payments
  • Reconcile daily receipts
  • Prepare the dockets or lists of scheduled cases
  • File documents physically or electronically

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