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Advertising Sales Agent

Career description:

An advertising sales representative sells space in print publications, on websites, and on outdoor media to companies that want to advertise their products. He or she may also sell airtime during radio or television broadcasts. The advertising sales representative must convince advertisers that this is the best way to reach consumers.

What it’s like:

Common duties:

  • Manage the full sales-cycle including; prospecting, fact-finding, presenting, negotiating, and closing key agency and brand accounts
  • Manage and generate revenue from developmental sales list
  • Interact with various internal departments to carry out client requirements such as scheduling advertising
  • React to inbound customer requests via phone and online
  • Use phone and email, and make occasional face-to-face sales calls
  • Develop relationships for long-term growth
  • Assist customers with basic ad layout and design and develop spec ads

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