“Exploring every possibility”

Careers4All is a non-profit site that curates content to help you experience the most popular careers in every field. We provide the highest quality material for nearly every career you can imagine, made and endorsed by true professionals that have real-life experiences. One of the most impactful sections we bestow are “day in the life of…” videos that have been hand-picked for greatest impact. And, all of our content is free. Explore every possibility with Careers4All!

Lora Simakova is the founder and CEO of Careers4All. She initiated and continues to run this project as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Award for the Girl Scouts of Connecticut. Careers4All also has youth representatives, high school teachers, counselors, and career advisors. And lastly, we have representatives from some of the top tier schools in the country, including Indiana University, Syracuse University, Northeastern University, and Purdue University.

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